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Share a home screen widget with a friend or loved one! When someone changes the picture on the widget, it instantly changes for everyone else too — just like magic.

You can create different widgets for all the important people in your life and fill your home screen with their photos. Widgetshare even works cross-platform! That means you can send pictures to widgets on both iOS and Android!

The app also includes a history page that saves the recent pictures sent to your widgets. You can look back at your memories and download any you want to keep.

How to share widgets:

Step 1. In the app, create a new widget and copy the Widget ID.

Step 2. Send the Widget ID to your friend so they can add the widget to their app.

Step 3. Add the widget to your home screen.

Step 4. Now both of you can send pictures to the widget and they should appear on the other person's home screen throughout the day!

We are working hard to bring new features and improvements as quickly as possible. If you have any issues to report please send us details at galew.games@gmail.com

Thank you and we hope you enjoy our app as much as we do!

Supported Languages:
– English
– Portuguese
– Spanish
– German
– French
– Russian
Note: We are working on improving translations and adding support for more languages!

New Feature!
You can now draw on your widgets! On the update widget page, click the paintbrush icon in the top right.

Improved Language Support!
- Portuguese
- Spanish
- German
- French
- Russian
- Polish
Note: we are still working to improve translations

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